NOS EF86 (6267,6BK8) Tungsram matched quadrate vacuum tubes

We have NOS EF86 (6267,6BK8) Tungsram matched quadrate vacuum tubes.

EF86,6BK8,vacuum tubes

Freckles on the tube side are not burns,
but they are magnesium fall-outs originated during manufacturing.


Made by Tungsram (Hungary).
Packing : OEM.

The NOS EF86 (6267,6BK8) Tungsram vacuum tubes have been checked by a calibrated Hickok 539B vacuum tube tester.

By the operating manual of the tester the minimum value
of the MC (Mutual Conductance) of the NEW EF86 (6267,6BK8) vacuum tube is : 1.750.
This is taken as 100 %.
On each tube I placed a little white sticker with the measurement results.

MUTUAL CONDUCTANCE TEST: here we can get exact
numerical value in micromhos.
The condition of TUT (Tube Under Test) can be expressed in percent.
For example : n case of the NEW EF86 (6267,6BK8) listed minimum
value of mutual conductance is 1.750 micromhos.
If the TUT has 2300, the percental condition is
(2.200 / 1.750) x 100 %  =  126 %.

Result of the mutual conductance test, as follows :



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Each tube has been packaged in two layers by use of air insulating
wrapping paper.
So packaged tubes are housed in an international standard size box.
We use foam inside the box to preserve the tubes against bumps.

Method of payment is : Euro or USD.

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