GU50,GU-50 (LS50,LS-50) Russian Military vacuum tubes.

We have GU50,GU-50 (LS50,LS-50) Russian Military vacuum tubes.

GU50,LS50,Russian Military vacuum tubes

It is a copy of German WW II ( Wermacht) device LS50,LS-50, but with better parameters.


Cathode: indirectly heated, oxide-coated.
Envelope: glass, no-base.
Height: at most 93.5 mm.
Diameter: at most 45.3 mm.
Mass: at most 100 g

GU-50 can be used in self generated power oscillators, drivers and linear power amplifiers, too.
It is a ruggedised military transmitting pentode for medium power , with good parameters, as follows:

Class C (telegraph mode)
Ua= 1000 V (max. 46,1 MHz)
Ua= 800 V Imax. 66,6 MHz)
Ua= 700 V (max. 85,7 MHz)
Ua= 600 V (max. 120 MHz)
Ia = 120 mA
Ug2 = 300 V
Ig2 = 10 mA
Ug1=- 80 V
Ig1=0 mA
Pout=85 W
max cathode current: 230 mA
heater: 12,6 V/0,7A

Note: you can use it in AB1 or AB2 mode, too at linear amps.


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