GU-43B (GU43B,GU-43/B) Russian Military tetrode

We have GU-43B (GU43B,GU-43/B) Russian Military tetrode.


Made by Poljaron, Lvov (Ukraine)
Packing : OEM.


The GU-43B tetrode is used for continuous operation
at frequencies up to 100 MHz in separately - or self-excited oscillator circuits and
as linear power amplifiers in RF equipment.


Cathode: indirectly heated, oxide-coated.
Envelope: glass-to-metal.
Cooling: forced air.
Height: at most 125 mm.
Diameter: at most 100 mm.
Mass: at most 1.5 kg.

For more data see : datasheet on ND2X

Schematics (designed by EW1SK) for a 1 kW GU-43/B HF Linear Amplifier.

Schematics (designed by PA0FRI) 1.5KW GU-43B HF Linear.


The price is : 95,00 Euro.

Postage : over the worldwide : 22,00 Euro.
Gross weight is : 1.8 kg or 3.97 pounds !!!!!

Method of payment is : USD or Euro.

Paying method:

- per PayPal,
- per Bank Transferring.

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