Black Morse key

Morse key for keying with hand an audio generator
or a radio transmitter to generate Morse coded messages.

The MORSE key in the photo was designed and manufactured for the Army.

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The mechanical construction of the MORSE key has been assembled on a

7 mm thick cast plastic by 4 screws.


As god that would formed a self-sufficing unit.


But in using for keeping the MORSE key on stable position under operator's hand,

the thick plastic plate has been fixed on a base plate made of thin steel.


By the two holes on the base plate can be fixed on the desk.


The covering plate is assembled by gudgeon on the base plate.


The covering plate can be drew up to right angle loosing a small screw on the side.


The MORSE key is warded off the staining and physical/mechanical  damage by that covering.


The MORSE key is basically a conventional working mechanism.

 The moving lever is fixed by two adjustable screws locating on two sides on a "U" shape bow.

The two adjusting screws are conic-shaped for less friction.

Moreover by those adjustable screws can be corrected the wearing affect in frequent use.

They are showed in the photo below clearly:



In front of the MORSE key lever can be seen a screw adjusting the distance of the contact points.

On the adjustable screw in the rear of the lever is fixed a small spring. 

By the spring resilience can be adjusted the lever pressing force. 


Each of the two screws can be fixed by a ribbed counter-nut.

 At the end of the lever the manipulator plastic knob is also fixed by a threaded screw.

In the photo below is showing the connection ability to a transmitter by one meter long double isolating rubber cable assembling with a wall-plug.


Designers were careful: a bending protector tube is pulled on the cable where a small metal strap fixes to the plastic thick plate.


As the base plate and the covering are blacked the MORSE key is named  "Black key".


The net weight of the keys is: 417 grams, or 0.92 pounds.
The gross weight of the packaged keys is: 650 grams, or 1.43 pounds.

The Black Morse Keys price is : 10,00 Euro.
Postage : over the worldwide : 14,00 Euro.

Method of payment is : USD or Euro.

Paying method :

- per PayPal,
- per Bank Transferring.

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